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About Slot Machines:

The suspense of waiting for the reels to stop spinning, the thrill of hearing the coins clanging together as they drop into your tray, if these emotions appeal to you then the slot machine is the casino game for you. At our goal is to inform you with all, and any, information you require in order to take on these “one armed bandits”.

There is no doubt that in the gambling world, the slot machine pulls in more profits than any other game, in fact, the combined gross payout of the slot machine is almost as much as the total of every other casino games payout collectively.

For example, back in the seventies, slot machines paid out approximately $300 million where craps, baccarat, blackjack and many more paid out a total of $430 million combined. Further more, it is estimated that about 40 – 45 percent of a casino’s revenue is earned by the slot machine.

Another slot machine fact: In the United States alone, there is said to currently be about 40 000 machines spread across the five States where slot machines are considered a legal past time. These states include, Nevada (of course), Idaho, Montana, Maryland and Washington. And the casino that boasts the title for having the most one armed bandits under one roof: Reno’s Harrah’s luxury casino (with one and half thousand).

It is no wonder that the slot machine is gaining in popularity, it is fast, convenient and there is no need for face to face contact with another person. The trend seems to be following the new American way of life, where electronics are rapidly replacing physical human contact and the conveniences of technologies wins against the more traditional forms of communication. Slot machines have proven over and over that a machine can create hours of entertainment while leaving no room for errors.

Once the player deposits an amount of coins into the slot and pulls the lever at the side of the machine (or hits the spin button) an axis inside the machine is activated which causes the reels to rotate freely and eventually come to a stop. Once stopped, if the symbols that are printed on these reels line up on one of the pay lines, in a combination that is set out on the pay schedule, than you will win the according amount. But remember that in order to win the big jackpot, it is usually necessary to deposit the maximum number of coins before you spin.

Near to 85% of the total slot machine action in the United States will be seen by the Quarter and Nickel machines. However if your looking for higher stakes, it is very common to find, in any casino, slots that accept fifty cents, $1, $2, $5 and so on. And for the high rollers out there, there are machines that accept $100 bets.

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